The Long and Winding Road to Infrastructure Development and Reform

  • Edna A. Co UP-NCPAG


Countries that have shown progress prove that good infrastructure is crucial to move people, goods, and services which enhance economic activities. In terms of Philippine infrastructure and development, there are many players in the field. The constellation of players adds to the labyrinth of vulnerabilities in the road works system. The vulnerabilities in the road works are observable in the various phases of the road system, such as, in the pre-implementation phase, during the implementation phase, and in monitoring and evalution. The management of the Special Road Funds, which is characterized by a wide latitude of discretion, offers an opportunity for vulnerabilities and potential corruption. There are identified possibilities for reform to address the vulnerabilties in the system and emphasize changes from within the agency itself and changes from without. The role of the civil society and the private sector is crucial in these changes and reforms.

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Edna A. Co, UP-NCPAG
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